Westwood’s original work on Command and Conquer 3: Tiberian Twilight

I just stumbled upon some videos of Westwood Studio’s early work on what appears to be Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Twilight before being consolidated by EA Games. This is interesting because Westwood would properly continue the C&C Tiberium storyline. According to the pictures and videos of their C&C3 early designs, it would follow GDI’s attempt to remove Tiberium from Earth when they discovered more information from the Tacitus after Firestorm. Here are the videos I found on Youtube.

This video clip is voiced over, probably by Frank Klepacki, as an example of how the game’s briefing will be done.

The two videos above shows the unit’s status bar. The top is the health meter but what is the bottom meter for?

Another video of what would the interface be like if Westwood were to continue to produce C&C3.

This is how Westwood came up with the unit upgrade system. The animation looks pretty nice.

I found numerous images from TJ Frame’s website of what appears to be his work on C&C3’s third side, CABAL. They consist of mechanized robots resembling hydras, dinosaurs, dragons, spiders, etc. However, his website went down for good. He even did some work on what Generals would look like. I will cover these topics in the near future as soon as I can find them and upload them to the blog.

Credits go to YouTube’s RogueThoughts, CNCNZ, and cncsaga.com for the video clips above.


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  1. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Herzl.

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