How are the former Westwood Studios employees doing?

As some people know, Petroglyph Games consisted of a number of former Westwood Studios employees. Some of the major people include Joseph Bostic (main programmer of the C&C series), Frank Klepacki (now Sound Designer/Composer), Steve Tall, Theodore A. Morris, Elie Arabian, and many others.

Adam Isgreen, meanwhile, used to work with both Westwood Studios and Petroglyph Games but he recently resigned from Petroglyph on March 2008. He has a blog at

Other Westwoodites went on to work for Insomniac Games, who produced the Ratchet and Clank and Spyro the Dragon series. They’re currently working on Resistance 2. Some of the major former Westwood guys include Eric Gooch (lead graphics designer and played as Seth in TD), Paul Mudra, and Dwight Okahara (both of them worked as sound designers). Eric Gooch still retains his website with C&C CG graphics and other things at and runs his own blog at Kevin Bacquet, who worked as a CG producer, went on to work in Hollywood and produced various CG graphics for many clients. He has his own website, showcasing some of the work he has done so far.

Brett Sperry, founder and CEO of Westwood Studios, is obviously retired and now produces photography. He has really nice photos up on his own website, which can be located at Louis Castle, meanwhile, is still at EA Games, and a number of employees went on to work for EA. Joe Kucan, known only as Kane and movie director, moved to California and presumably worked on various plays and other acting/directing-related stuff in Los Angeles/Hollywood. As every C&C fan knows, he reprises his role as Kane in Tiberium Wars and Kane’s Wrath, but only as an actor. Joe even has his own fan page on MySpace. Richard Taylor now produces all of the FMV scenes for Tiberium Wars, Kane’s Wrath, and the upcoming Red Alert 3. I’m still looking for a way to contact Joe Kucan, as he’s quite a busy person doing acting stuff and enjoying nature out in the mid-west.

If I have any more information on other former Westwoodites out there, I will add it into this blog.


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