CD Single: “Crush” by Cobalt 60

So, what does this have to do with Command and Conquer? There’s a very elusive CD single that was released by Edel, the same label that released the German Red Alert 2CD soundtrack, containing THREE remixes of Crush. Composed by Cobalt 60, a side-project of the famous French industrial group, Front 242, created the “Command & Conquer Mix” as a cover song of Crush. According to Discogs, Frank Klepacki was credited as the original composer of the song from Red Alert. Here’s the image and the tracklist:

Cobalt 60 - Crush

  1. Crush (Command & Conquer Mix)
  2. Crush (Grrr Remix)
  3. Crush (GZ900 Remix)

The second track was remixed by Cubanate, another industrial-dance-metal group, but with a heavier beat, lasting over six minutes. The third track, my least favourite, was done by Grisha Zeme, if my memory serves me right.  Currently, Discogs show two sellers of the CD single but the high Euro makes it quite expensive for everyone else.

Again, this CD single is extremely rare and hard-to-find, which was given to various DJ’s throughout Europe and it’s no surprise that a large majority of C&C fans would’ve not known about this release.  Cobalt 60 would later compose the music for another well-known PC game franchise, Wing Commander:Prophecy, which they did the main theme and music during training/multiplayer. Much like what they did for their Crush single, they also created the Prophecy CD single to various DJ’s with three remixes of the same song and an extended, remixed track from the game.

However, this is not the last CD single dedicated to Command and Conquer… stay tuned.


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